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[19 October 2017] The Training Requirement for Cyber Operator is now active

[15 December 2016] The following Training Requirements are undergoing review and will not be accepting submissions until further notice: Geomatics Technician, Electronic-Optronic Technician - Apprentice.

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213 programmes found. Showing 211 to 213.

CAF Training Requirement Programme Institution Duration (months) Recognition Status Training Avoidance NCMSTEP Incentives & Allowances
Technologue en radiologie médicale (NQ5 Étape I) - Pour les programmes de Technologie radiologique agréés par l`AMC Technologie en radiation médicale Collège Boréal
24 Recognized N/A Suitable Suitable
Technologue de laboratoire médical (NQ5 Étape I) - Pour les programmes de Technologie de laboratoire médical agréés par l`AMC Technologies d`analyses biomédicales Cégep de Chicoutimi
24 Recognized N/A Suitable Suitable
Aerospace Telecommunications & Information Systems Technician Wireless/Mobility Telecommunication Engineering Technician Algonquin College
16 Recognized 774.00 hrs (68%) Suitable Suitable